What You Must Do to Keep Your Garage Safe for Kids and Pets

What You Must Do to Keep Your Garage Safe for Kids and Pets

Making your home safe is every parent’s objective, but are you thoroughly thinking through keeping the garage safe as well?

There are many things to think about to keep your home safe for your children. These safety measures will benefit everyone, including your furry friends.

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Garage Door Opener Safety

  • Make sure that your garage has properly installed photo eyes (black sensors) mounted no higher than 6 inches off the floor.
  • Keep children away from moving parts of a garage door to avoid any harm including the pinching of hands.
  • Install the garage door opener switch high enough so that small hands cannot reach it.

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Vehicle Safety

  • Do not let children or pets stand behind your running vehicle regardless if someone is behind the wheel.
  • Do not leave your keys inside your vehicle so your child has no way of accidentally starting the vehicle in a closed garage that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Lock both the doors and the trunk of your car to avoid the possibility of children climbing in them.
  • Secure motorcycles so they cannot tip on a small child or pet.

Chemical Safety

  •  Store matches, antifreeze, charcoal, lighter fluid, windshield wiper fluid, gasoline, and oil in their original containers, out of kids’ sight and reach in a locked cabinet.
  • Dilute any antifreeze spills by spraying water on them with your hose to avoid the possibility of pets licking the sweet smelling liquid.
  • If you keep your washer and dryer in the garage, you should also keep any laundry chemicals out of reach of children.
  •  Certain common household chemicals can easily ignite by coming in contact with one another. Read warning labels and expiration dates, and store each securely in its own location.

Equipment Safety

  • Lawn tools should be stored in a manner so they do not fall on children.
  • Lock up your power tools.
  • Store any tool that has a pointed or sharp edge out of the reach of your kids.
  • Store your sports equipment out of reach of small children, and secure items such as bikes in such a way that only adults can get them down.
  • Reduce the setting of your hot-water heater to prevent burning the sensitive skin of infants and pets.

Food Storage Safety

  • Lock your freezers so children cannot climb into them.
  • Empty melted ice water out of coolers. It only takes one inch of water for a child to drown.

Workshop Safety

  • Tools such as saws, hammers, nails and nuts should be put in a secure location to avoid the possibility of choking or cutting.
  • Keep boards that you are working on out of reach of kids to keep them from falling and/or causing splinters.
  • Store your brooms and shop vacuums away from kids so they are not tempted to play with them.

Container Safety

  • Store buckets upside down so no liquids can accumulate in them, causing a drowning hazard.
  • Keep your recycling containers locked.
  • Keep your trash cans and bins closed and locked.

Toy Safety

  • Wait to purchase a riding toy until your child is mature enough and meets the size requirements to use it safely.
  • Attach a tall flag on the back of a tricycle making it visible to motorists.
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